Turkey to visit our almost anywhere

Turkey to visit our almost anywhere, signs will be nice to see and a wonderful towns.
Our ancestors, that we of course try to understand their homeland to serve in the very important.When homeland for grandchildren, we owe them our live freely these days.

One of the most important place in our history and will allow us to understand is that our great Çanakkale Martyrs. About a year Çanakkale Wars, we examine the details, our ancestors how great people they are better moments, when they owned their so our marrow ineffable spirit depth hissedebiliriz.v the most important of all owned one soul deep moments people could defy the world, we are astounded.

Before 3-4 years, Fatih University Lecturer sn.talh to UĞURLUEL brain guided Canakkale Martyrs of my wife gezmiştik.talh to my teacher with the then while visiting the beautiful expression of so many emotions we from time to time their blood to tear our tutamadık.o people that we are with his wife They avoid spill, we did so we’ve shed tears?
In fact at the earliest opportunity, son of the Dardanelles at my daughter is grow more istiyorum.biraz drive to martyrdom. (Not yet 5 years old) .gid who knows, the martyrdom of another air we’re walking among our martyrs indicated that vardır.Side now wander around 57,000, they are in our side income like us, they’re watching.
These elders, around my beautiful country, came to the Dardanelles and with our faith, we are there with our heart, do not allow the breakdown of this country saying they run.
Talha while visiting the cemetery in the teacher’s guidance, my wife, when the soil a bullet even buldu.düş the one thrown millions of bullets in the battle ahead 97 years idi.savaş 1 square meter to 6,000 rounds fell stated, our year later to find a bullet through the soil should not be too surprised.
Without further ado let’s get to our trip anyway, but before you start the trip, we went to the 1984 and wow the hands of the man when I read knows us better than we’ll start with a story from which I share.

Year 1984.Ülke of Turkey investigating solutions for the future, to make a research on education, Japanese pedagogues, the committee is an expert in my eder.eğit invited to our country, our country welts takes to do research on Turkish youth of our country different parts of meetings and contacts in They are located.
Finally, to illustrate the results of research, Mr. Turgut Ozal, the prime minister explain to him the consequences çıkarlar.araştır
As a result of the delegation that there is clear and concise. No national consciousness in your youth.
On the idea of ​​the delegation of Japanese teachers, they were asked the following question.
-So What are you doing on behalf of young Japanese to give national consciousness?
Japanese delegation to answer this question as follows
-We Our young people, shock tests, starting with more primary uygularız.mesel, you put our fast trains such as aircraft, a tour yaptırırız.çok the last train of the storied road will take them to our big factories working with a sarsar.sonr robot said, gezdiririz.m mini our children dizzying technology Seeing the result will shock, awe duyarlar.b shock after them Hiroshima, Nagasaki, we take.
With the atomic bomb during the Second World War destroyed in these areas by awesome we just koruyoruz.on we show our children by giving information.
No one live and the possibility of making the atom bomb plant life is seyrederler.tab astounded to find that the effect extends to this day the children listened to all they saw, and leaves deep scars on the innocent and clean souls effective
All of them then that they say to them:
-If You do not work, you’re you before and does not, watt You work bombs such enemies, burns, breaks down and makes it a no living being can not live, if you draw after gider.çalış, new vehicles will pass even high-speed train you ride yaparsınız.dah also advanced factories kurarsınız.üstel, Do you dare to attack your enemies edemez.ülke no nation is exalted, rise, kalır.şi was always in a position where all people respect you now give yourself the decision is to be diligent.
Not a work and to love your country? Now imagine you and give it your decision.
Our children live a second shock with it and have a good Japanese with these shocks will have taken a step towards stronger.

Officials of the Turkish National Education, Japanese youth to ask Once you know how gained national consciousness,
– And we, what should we do on behalf of the Turkish youth to gain national consciousness?
– As far as we know you, you have a very Nagasaki to Hiroshima How much more important to young people than they var.bizim.
Most important is the region where the Çanakkale War. This part of the first world war, even more than enough to be shocked of your youth. A six thousand square meters of land is where the bullet fell Canakkale. Such a war turns out victorious Turks, in spite of everything, they make the impossible possible.
By reading the most advanced technology and equipment occurs, they’re the proof that prevailed in FAITH.
Not a single enemy in against Moreover, the united forces, the seventy-two nations var.iş with your parlance this table and this region, Çanakkale is götürmelisiniz.h if young your group for the yeter.b with more on the development of the young of your national consciousness of Turkish young people in the area of ​​the wars must-visit, must see and must learn.
And he should be called to the young people:
-You Are you are not in unions do not work, otherwise come under different circumstances in so far as they come to the enemies of Canakkale, no matter you live haram ederler.çalış is in unity, if you capture technology contributes to peace, vat You, you put it in a prosperous’
Here is a description of the delegation of Japanese teachers are like that. A painful thing is that we are getting this advice from them, while another was such a huge history in the national consciousness of our youth, we therefore have spiritual values, and is cut off from the ancestors.
Thus, a nation’s assets and the absence of war gave it to the holy land, let’s go with our children and our ancestors Gallipoli Peninsula we try to hear what they whispered to.


Gallipoli National Parkını- N 40.21202 ° E 26.27671 °
If you are planning to visit in a day trip in the morning we have to start as early as possible.

Eceabat-N 40.18484 ° E 26.35605 °
Gallipoli is a charming and ilçedir.çanakkale the ferry or Istanbul or Gallipoli via Edirne in the Peninsula passing, Eceabat ulaşılır.eceabat the National Park we face if we follow the coastal road stretching next to the ferry port Promotion Center-N 40.20349 ° E 26.35417 ° will be This institution has opened a museum in the year .1987.
Martyrdom of pines nose passenger Silüeti- Stop N 40.15682 ° E 26.37165
Looking a little more progress from the National Park to promote the center, we see a hill with an inscription covered by pine trees on the right side of the road ahead in 1962, built in the inscription ‘Here is the Balkans and the Çanakkale Martyrs falling thousands of heroes yatar”yazıl war. Stop with the silhouette of a soldier on the side of the hill that we pass over the troops in the passenger poetry is written and describes the important things about the importance of this land to everyone who came.
Stop passengers! Unknowingly come you press
This land is where a transfer of the bat.
Bend down lend your ear, this silent mound
The place is at the heart of a country.
These bumps broke out big earthquake
Addressing flood that drowned crossing the last part of the enemy homeland Mehmet
Mubarak is the place where the blood of the floor.

Think of haşrol blood bone, flesh
His mound, relentless hard
At the end of the war the whole nation
Enjoy the taste of freedom it is where.

Lock bahr Kalesi- N 40.14780 ° E 26.37965 °
Usually ride the excursion groups Gallipoli National Park towards Eceabat başlarlar.eceabat tank Mecidiye Tabyaları to go little ahead on the waterfront with magnificent walls of the lock Bahamas Castle with karşılaşırsınız.1462 the Conqueror made by Mehmet and to prevent any enemy attack in order to come up from the sea kullanılmıştır.savaş area of ​​the castle held by the Çanakkale war with the army has little reason to stay out until the Fortress of wear.

Namazgah- N 40.14610 ° N 40.14312 ° E 26.38005 ° and Hamidiye Tabyaları- D 26.37741 °
We see the continuation of lock bahr Namazgah bastion of the castle. When seen from the sea looked like a normal hills, just come into the shelter and ammunition hidden in camouflage with a spectacular when viewed from land. Now the battlefield has remained very low. A few km. Then we come to the Mecidiye bastion. So March 18 Seyit’s naval operation where his duties. Where the bullet that sunk sent armored Ocean. Seyit a bullet that day is still a reminder of the lap there continues to stand there. We are in the situation where he stopped and looked at the throat there. To defeat the enemy in their giant invincible armada navy suffered as we try to see that day. Cideli Mahmoud had made it there. Cut off enemy attacks on two legs and had thoroughly halsizleş from blood loss. But he threw blows at Bouvier of artillery shells. As an obstacle to those who want to take instead of winding itself – “leave me here, I want to watch the sunset Bouvier,” he said Rahman had been delivered and the spirit during this cruise.
Syed Corporal Anıtı- 40.14083 ° N, E 26.37536 °
Here, Mecidiye redoubt in the numerator as in duty husband Sayed, 18 March occurred in the naval battle of 175 in yerdir.anıt hit armored the Ocean removing kg projectile as it may seem rounds lap Syed Corporal abolished actually taking her husband Syed bullets back.
Her husband Syed says:
I saw that 14 friend martyr olmuş.Bu I remain myself, I ran over a friend Niğde with Ali a battery commander, Captain Hilmi bey.arkadaş my my sindiremedim.ana to me to be killed before my eyes in a way that the prayers taught me I can do to explain to okudum.siz something was filled içime.merm on. The crane ball well bozulmuştu.o rounds once kaldırdım.niğdel Ali drove me a little destekledi.basa bars while the crackling of my bone duyuyordum.mermi of the barrel exploded, I hit ettiremedim.üçünc projectile with the armor the helm of Ocean from their largest armored vurdum.zırhl began to rotate around themselves.

When years later dates Show 1936, Ataturk’s path, when her husband Syed lived synagogue düşmüştü.atatürk here, last of the beginning and personally view the wars husband listens itself Syed of hatırladı.mahall officials Koca Sayyid asked, but none He wanted to find her husband Syed tanımıyorlardı.atatürk immediately and addressed to those there:
-I Do not know the vefasızlıktır.kendi not istiyorum.tanı to introduce him to the nation’s hero was bilinsin.de is a cost of living on this land
Long struggle eventually washed before the Sayyid of buldular.o, then shaved by removing the clothes in ettiler.üzer as the giydirdiler.b the dress of the township manager against the çıkarttılar.paş against the pasha one of these outfits beklemiyordu. but he complimented her not to shame in the society.
-Code By Syed bought from him this dress looks good on you too?
-Paşa You coming, I heard you called me news verdiler.çok sevindim.b new worlds until I saw this dress .This giydirdiler.kaymaka guys that fit.
To give lessons to those who did not forget there Ataturk after the speech.
You homeland for the nation, for, to honor such people reveal their lives, you know so much? If you do not know your göremezsiniz.hedef your future if you do not know them.
Mecidiye Tabyası- N 40.14288 ° E 26.37688 °
Syed Corporal Monument just behind, you get a small hill on the opposite side of the road who serve in Mecidiye bastion March 18th göreceksiniz.bura the graves of our fallen soldiers were killed during the shelling of the sea is a place of Mecidiye bastion.
Pools Şehitliği- N 40.13230 ° E 26.35577 °
In Mecidiye bastion we have followed over the asphalt road, a few kilometers after Pools martyrdom to varırız.büyük plane trees shade the sea shore in this beautiful place, monuments surrounded by surrounding walls, pools şehitliğidir.b monument, not only here lies 10 martyrs, very close to here Celery creek our soldiers who were killed in 5000 represented around here for a while after the war etmektedir.zat, celery stream will be collected from the place where the bones of many martyrs and war will be buried in the vicinity public pools.
Behramlı Village – gypsum dunes Garrison
We continued on our way from the pools martyrdom, we have a little bit after the Behramlı that delivers the spirit of Captain Kemal Bey village on the right side of the road. Here about 15 minutes as input to geliriz.kö to enter before the left side of our garrison our attention çeker.b in history Kirti war of gypsum dunes in the village after a distance the bloody battle of focus olmuştur.düş man had tried hard to get this important hill. We had three great Kirti war with them. In 1.Kirte 8 thousand, 2.Kirte 10 thousand, 15 thousand were killed in 3.Kirte but we gave up that hill, we give the enemy. This position, where they collect the living environment of the villagers, where they are buried the bones of martyrs brought together nearly 10 thousand.
Saim Happy Memories of War Museum- N 40.09481 ° E 26.22526 °
In one place we visited our continuous visit Çanakkale within this quaint village is a grocery shop. Salim uncle does not know the interesting things we found in the grocery store. On the contrary, here we see heaps of bullets and shrapnel. War in 1936 settled in this village who go to the field that they sold hurdacılıkl collect up to 70 contaminants. Salim uncle was saved and has set up this museum.
Last Arrow Anıtı- N 40.09821 ° E 26.22201 °
Gypsum hill to the right of the road we entered the village shortly after we move in the direction signs to the winding location of the road to the left in the village cemetery with karşılaşırız.mezarlıg the road facing the next 3 meters near karşılaşırız.bura the last arrow monument to a boy who has an important part in wars and enemy Alçitepe ‘ Next to get a big fight with the Kirti gave the fight to where the 3.Kirt mevkidir.b wars finally was given the huge losses in the region of 1.2.v alamadı.kaç the enemy but the enemy here is the place where the last bullet discarded.
Gypsum darkening hills 40.09669 ° N, 26.23285 ° E
Gallipoli National Park, you may need a break and visit the museum between half an hour of your köydür.gezi one of the most comfortable place where you can stay.

Winding Place Şehitliği- N 40.10194 ° E 26.22130 °
Last Arrow monument from 2 km after the Gallipoli War of the largest hospital was established in karşılaşırız.bura reviewing an extremely remote secluded valley with winding yeridir.bura the Dardanelles, perhaps the most poignant place in biridir.b night at 18,000 Mehmetçiğimiz is where martyrs düşmüştür.b of so many killed, unfortunately, this narrow land mass is stuck to visit has to be buried so knowing where we are here to push our feet while walking extremely important.
With this position protected structure and secluded position because of the so-called Zığınder in kullanılmıştır.hat as a place where patients are treated with this position it has grown so much that only gelmiştir. into a tolerance hospital they use jointly of not enemy soldiers, our troops but the enemy has done it here. While the war in Canakkale not taken even a single hospital Ottoman lead to the ship, while approaching the compassion to wounded enemy in the most hellish environment front, I brutal attack gerçekleştirdi.he against instead of enemies winding had also brought great sound world press bile.olay that even treated there for their soldiers, but the He was wounded for our poor. An interesting aspect of the dressing in place; The body of cypress ağacıdır.b cypress tree located right next to the monument almost here I’m here I’m also a form twisted a vaziyettedir.b is to remind us that if a night at the martyrs is the 18,000 soldiers of our sorrows and expresses them in these troubled situations.
Nuri Yamut Monument
The memorial, which wrap around the we move a bit to the left 8 meters in karşılaşırız.1943 Nuri Yamut monument with the stature was 2.Kol at Gallipoli assigned to the Command Nuri Yamut Pasha built by the presence of their personal property, after the burying collected the surrounding hundreds of martyrs bone build on them it indicates that the buried bones of about 10,000 troops in edilmiştir.bura.

Colonel Hasan Bey Mezarı- N 40.06668 ° E 26.22941 °
The dönüyoruz.sarg back from the direction we arrived the place and the final arrow into the re-plaster hill villages across at the monument, not the place where we come giriyoruz.b times, the village Helles exit from continuing our way after about 5 minutes after the exit ediyoruz.köy a territory by way of the left road that separated göreceğiz.yol edge with a little sign, ” Governor Hasan bey”yazar.b the thorax road about 5 minutes from the fields we move waving as if we were to 17.Alay Commander Colonel Hasan Bey grave with karşılaşırız.has Brain toe dog who died with him were also buried.

Helles Cemetery – N 40.04214 ° E 26.18779 °
We’re going on the road again, and by gypsum dunes continue to the village of opposite direction in ilerliyoruz.sol side Morton Bay and Monument Cemetery to go right Helles village and gitmektedir.sağ side Yahya sergeant monument, less then having a history giriyoruz.köy the Helles village identity 4.Mehmet period having first killed with a castle houses the monument.
First Martyrs Anıtı- N 40.04257 ° E 26.18898 °
A fountain in the middle of the roads Meydanlık still less in the future when we left at the çatallaşacaktır.bura first martyrs martyrs monument in karşılaşırız.bura with our companion first martyr, but not the first martyr of the wars, they are our first casualty in the 1st World war.

Helesa Anıtı- N 40.04575 ° E 26.17940 °
Again Helles village square dönüyoruz.b times Gypsum hill village are moving occur hand right sapıyoruz.kö the side we enter the direction and less then left again dönüyoruz.karşı us in Canakkale largest British memorial, this monument they complete var.ingiliz of in 1926, died in this battle all He symbolizes the British soldiers.

Helles Kalesi- N 40.04199 °, we entered into the E 26.18784 ° Helles village road in the square full village çatallaşıyordu.biz to the left of the road, so ‘first martyrs come to the right gireceğiz.ilk martyrs monument where the show of anıtı”tabela we make progress on the road next to the monument The Fortress karşılaşırız.b with the rear wall of a historic structure was built as a sort of set of foreigners inside the castle to exceed throat. The Fortress of 1st World led to great benefits in the war, the British after soldiers bar the ammunition kept up kullanılmıştı.fakat many issues April 25 Ertugrul Bay stickers realized very bloody battle in they tried so hard to get to this castle and fortress.

Ezineli Anıtı- John Sergeant 40.04396 ° N, E 26.18160 °
Now a hill geliyoruz.bura judge can see the overview of Ertugrul put the bird 25 April morning, the enemy depends on biri.26.ala of the important place they do but remove the soldiers 10.Tak soldiers where the enemy more than 24 hours keeping an epic with 67 friends in the square getirmişlerdi.iş John Sergeant of the collision killed This is where they fell.
A hero team and also took Sergeant Yahya
Full three regiments were shot wholeheartedly here
He thought this masterpiece is the enemy divisions
God did not wish to have regained the evening
(Ç.vali Namik MEMİK)
Morton darkening 40.05087 ° N, E 26.21534 °
Ezineli Sergeant Yahya memorial and Helesa is dönüyoruz.seddülbah reverse side of the Memorial Villages de If we continue leaving behind just over the last turnoff to geliyoruz.b of time left went straight back to the gypsum hill village olacağız.fakat we left Morton Bay right dönüyoruz.25 April So many dead left occupied edilmiş.bura by French troops in removing land to put that had given so much loss Morton (dead) If you visit to give his name kalmışlar.morto sheep careful in the water you can still find parts of mineral melt.

Canakkale browsing groups often give the lunch break here.

When you give your back come Morton put to sea, white ash, you’ll see exactly the opposite ridge, a kısmıdır.fransız among the trees of the French monument to detect the dead buried in mass in the Dardanelles in 1930, brought together and were buried under here by a memorial cemetery. Mind you, we will remember our martyrs of Çanakkale and 30 years after that, we will open our first memorial in the 1960s.

Canakkale Martyrs Memorial to Ken 40.05152 °, E 26.22170 °
Morton we continue straight on the road we entered the bay after a few bends toward the Old Hisar hill climbing, Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument was completed in geliriz.1960 this monument was built on behalf of all the Çanakkale Martyrs.
War Museum- Works 40.05155 ° N, 26.22173 ° E
Çanakkale Martyrs Monument of just under mevcuttur.müze still on display in a museum of memorabilia wars, the war on foreign troops in the Holy Quran, Martyr Letters vb.baz private parts.
Monument Şehitliği- N 40.05152 ° E 26.22170 °
In 1992, the Ministry of Culture huge monument is located next to the graves of our martyrs yapıldı.600 represented by the names are quite impressive in terms of regulation.
Martyrs Monument visitor Picnic Area- N 40.05278 ° E 26.21434 °

Early in the morning we went down to the south before the trip Us Gallipoli peninsula, we started from Eceabat starting from the side facing the Dardanelles, Lock bet Castle, with Sayyid Corporal Monument and through the middle of the peninsula over the forts in the nose of the peninsula from vardık.ora Gypsum hill village where Sergeant Yahya memorial Ertuğrul Cove Morton after giving between Bay and Monument Cemetery Visit ettik.morto Sheep lunch now Gallipoli Peninsula in the Aegean after the sea along a little dönüyoruz.yol back from the northward path alacağız.morto dark curve in stretching coast line Sergeant Yahya memorial and Gypsum hill village is divided into two terms. We Gypsum hill after passing through the sapıyoruz.kö to the right where the village road we entered the village towards morning Eceabat çıkıyoruz.yaklaşık 5 minutes after the way we deviate towards a second road on the left hand ayrılıyor.bura road extending to the Saros Gulf.
Anzac darkening N 40.23854 ° E 26.27693 °
Throughout our journey parallel to the Aegean coast of the Gallipoli peninsula about 20 minutes sürüyor.yol once we went to more çatallaşacaktır.sağ side if the rough hill to the Information Center and the road Istanbul ulaşırız.fakat we are deviating Anzac to the left dark and we will follow the road to Anzac. A little farther way as Anzac Cove and Anzac-Conkbayiri ayrılacaktır.anzak 3 km.kad direction along the coast of the Bay ilerliyoruz.b we handle foreign cemetery we see on the road. If you look less then the back way to the left side of the stone slabs showing that this place Anzac Cove when we walked ashore from karşılaşırız.bura against the karşılaşırız.sahil the Anzac Cemetery places to görürsünüz.b they landed the wrong place the Anzacs are wildly 3 tombs in sarptır.anzak Cemetery on , the direction of the Qiblah direction dönüktür.b unlike the others tombs, the graves are to be lured to the place and introduced Indian Muslim war against us.
We are looking at the huge mountain range against us. Here’s where the enemy had stuck around here. We remember even plans to use poison gas to overcome the British Çörçil here. In July of onshore wind is blowing wildly. They also complete the order. But this time the poisonous gases have changed the way the wind direction when the sea began to blow toward the Gallipoli front. They did not use it. This and many more mental Çörçil after the event does not like that, memories will write the following sentences: – “We are not the Ottomans and the Dardanelles, we were defeated in the war with God and state.

Bair palate pressure of Anıtı- N 40.27110 ° E 26.29255 °
After going ediyoruz.birkaç km on our way to Anzac plain to giriyoruz.bura on the right slope at an inscription görürüz.üzer way ‘Anafartalar Group Commander Colonel Mustafa Kemal 7.Tü bearing 9 August 1915 Damakçılık by assault the Bair Anzac and prevent writes the future dangers of the British Corps. Mesa Cemetery on the hill in front of us deviate from left at the fork in the road after a few kilometers from the route we followed, we are faced with martyrdom a little ahead turn right.

Yusufcuktep the inscription – Mestan hill Yazıtı- N 40.29771 ° E direction of the Gulf of Saros returned the way we came 26.29228 ° for 20 minutes in the inscription Yusufcuktep to yazıtıdır.yakın ilerliyoruz.bura We also see the inscription of Mesa hill.
Ishmael son peak Inscription
He writes on ‘Sivritepe and assault the enemy from the hills of Mesa power line kırıldı.b 8155 the Turks killed in the battle, the enemy lost 19 850 verdi”yaz.
Lime and Lime hill hill Martyrs Cemetery Anıtı- 40.33112 ° N, 26.27933 ° E we mentioned near the inscription karşılaşırız.b this martyrdom with a monument built by and he had to be placed on top of the monument built by shells sleeve.
Big Boned Kitabesi- N 40.31823 ° E 26.21944 °
The way we came revolving back and the road at the point of bifurcation of the right side (Suğla Dark) as we move towards after about 6 km Great bony nose ship skeleton in varırız.kıyı in aittir.kitabe a landing craft dating from those days writes. ” Anzac port of the enemy forces, for months After the battle, not realizing pass defense in the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey evacuated this front.
Bigalı the village and stay atatürkün Home- N 40.23676 ° E 26.35929 Anafartalar village 6 km from the house museum is open to visitors later used as Atatürk’s headquarters in geliyoruz.bura to Bigalı village.
57.Alay Cemetery
The hills with crimson blood in one night. Directly in front of us is the 57th Regiment Memorial. Ataturk’s where Colonel shipped them to the enemy ranks. And an entire enemy regiment martyrdom in the name of stopping. Less than at the beginning of a cliff above 57.Alay commander Huseyin Avni Pasha’s tomb, we encounter. Our prayers to the soul.
Conkbayırı- N 40.25093 ° E 26.30744 °
Here are the wars of the enemy stopped in line to get one too uğraşmıştı.conkbayır current mekanı.düş place of the bloodiest front man was able to get an opportunity to further progress.
Conkbayiri Soldiers Monument-N 40.25093 ° E 26.30744 °
This Memorial Conkbayiri ‘s who lost their lives in the war was built on behalf of Turkish soldiers. Gold in our national history is depicted as a page with the Battle of Çanakkale milestone and the first sills of the enemy are contained Soldiers Park shot well done memorial hill entirely to cover in style and consists of gradually rising from five concrete panels. These five panels symbolizes anımsatıp the five fingers of a soldier praying to God.

Conkbayiri Memorial Cemetery-N 40.25194 ° E 26.30819 °
This monument is located a little beyond the Conkbayiri Memorial and Cemetery. Conkbayiri was made in honor of the 952 New Zellanda’l lost their lives. Conkbayiri is one of the most important goals in the Gallipoli Campaign. Australians were forced to stop seeing Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the great commander and ingenuity against them as if they had never expected to move towards removing Conkbayiri after April 25th. August 6 to 10, between the made Conkbayiri War New Zealanders tried to seize Conkbayiri the very end, but did not achieve its objectives in the face of strong defense headed by Mustafa Kemal .. What Liman von Sanders nor see another commander, it is incredible military genius



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