Long time had come when I expected. We were going to visit the Dardanelles. I did not remember anything for the last 8-9 years old go. I had a thrill as the first round on me. I missed making the journey by car for a long time I’ve said two things at the same time eliminate the craving. Thanks to my father.

Canakkale My Travel
From the high mountains 🙂

The previous evening, the whole family are thrilled, of course. My mother has traditionally been preparing all journeys made before the rations had made this journey before. Of course there were pastries in rations. My day off on May 1 and was the father of both schools were vacation. We road out. Büyükçekmece, Silivri, Gümüşyaka, Yeniciftlik, Marmaraereğlisi, Tekirdag, Kumbağ, E-5 highway from side to side instead of Şarköy, the mountains, the hills between the beauty of nature, we continued our way. High places where the paratroopers, make a trip through the winding roads in the countryside was really nice and it was fun. If one side of the family. Because it’s beautiful mountain Friday, after prayer was coming from the hills. We move towards the Bolayır in Friday prayers. After closing, it of course also makes peninsula.
Canakkale My Travel
Entrance to the Dardanelles … 🙂

The first entry for my dad knows the location of the old Presentation Center has moved, but we went there we realized there .. Anyway we said let’s move in there. We were both out of the car came out pretty good. Old place, of course, dusty or something naturally closed. There were pictures involved commanders at the Battle I liked this image. Then again, there’s not much stopping off we went. This time, the new Promotion Center ..

Canakkale My Travel
Here Commander chiefs …
(As to the Gallipoli I remember slow our advance development. Especially Ariburnu the beach side. It’s there to Just think of. Favorite, rest my most mind had stayed there most pleasant place was going to be there in my mind. Although I was little marine phobia there, I like the sea at that time. The pounding on the shore of the beautiful light of the sun was offering a beautiful view from the unique people. guess if there’s my favorite girl with the walking I would love to advancing zamanlarda.o very perfect.) But I went there because it is a priority tabiikii the Promotion Center before we heard.
New, they did a nice place guys. My father has been a bit surprised when I saw the beautiful feline that he comments. Then what do we have what we went inside. There are other people in the War that had crowded there. My father asked what work he went inside. He watched the film, I think what he has not even finished the day with no ticket the other day tickets. We entered the museum instead of us film. Museums in course naturally contains a model of everything that takes place in the war. Seriously, she is smiling slightly when he saw people enter there are duygulanıyor. Feelings of confusion all Turkish people live there. Here are some photos I took in the museum;
Canakkale My Travel
g3 as a weapon, but that time was the old oak

Canakkale My Travel
The enemy soldiers were trying to land a stroke.

Canakkale My Travel

Canakkale My Travel

After wandering around the museum we visited the Centre for the Promotion of a place where he died a martyr there were more graves. We send out photos in front of the pull behind our prayers Promotion Center. So I deyiv really good weather so beautiful that we came in.
After you get out, of course, still excited, we headed for the Ariburnu. Dad was what I was asking my dad mild side, how. We returned to the candidate the way to the Anzac and of course getting the right way North. When we are there we watched the cars approaching the Ariburnu. ” What you see looks inside the mother sea is so beautiful. ” I would set up such sentences. ” Come on, you son of that time, the face we go, we take what comes, ” I took the sentence as well as money. Of course there I fell out of the car told me that it appeared to me more beautiful than the above 57. So say we take the road to the Regiment.

Canakkale My Travel
Put back the view was terrific.
Yes, perhaps, but how crowded the nearby road. There he had come hot on too many people. You you that all of Turkey there. There were too many crowds seriously. We get everyone in the car except my father. 57. We proceed on foot to walk to the side of the procession walked toward the vehicle. Vehicles already in Mahmutbey situation seemed to have taken office in Istanbul. 57. left towards the road Alaya arrival. There were graves of infidels. It saw the front of the Ariburnu in there was a very nice view. I looked there plentifully. But there are or how beautiful. The bright light of the sun, the blue sky, that was reflected in the sea. The beach also meant rays in a nice way. There put the man who was taking the picture.



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